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plato de zinc para pulido

1: It is doubtful if anyone in fact ever used a zinc lap. Pure zinc, .999+, is not a regular item of manufacturing commerce. It is supplied in ball form to manufacturers of alloys. I have been doing business with a lot of metals suppliers for years. There is no such thing as .999 zinc rolled plate.

2: Nearly all zinc in commerce is actually the ZAMAC Alloys, principally Zamac 3 and Zamac 12. (Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, And Copper). These alloys have a superplastic range that allows precision, intricate die castings in net shape to +/- .002". Zamac 12 serves as a better sleeve bearing than bronze, and is mechanically very strong. But a lot of aluminum in polishing laps is a bad idea.

These Cast Zinc Laps are not recycled old carburetors and hard drives thrown into a melting pot.

My primary refiners or dealers are US ISO 900x companies. Users have found this special zinc alloy prepolishing lap is VERY fast and aggressive, and that 8K diamond may be a better choice than the usual 3K prepolish. 3K cuts on this lap.

An 8K Diastik™ is now being produced for this lap.

The BATT™ and BA5T™ have become standards in their own right, and will always be manufactured, but the tin price insanity demands that I offer my customers more choices.

Disco de prepulido y pulido que se carga con diamante. 3000 y 8000 para el prepulido. grits mas finos para el pulido


Los usuarios han encontrado esta aleación especial de zinc pulido es muy rápido y agresivo, y que el diamante 8K puede ser una opción mejor que el prepulido con 3K habitual. Con diamante 3K desbasta el material.

Jeff Graham recomendaba el lap de zinc para prepulir y pulir corindon (rubi y zafiro).

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disco de ZINC

85 euros





WD-40 200 ml

informacion tecnica

5 euros

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