SIERRA DE 10" (25 cm) DE HI-TECH

10"(25 cm) Slab Sierra para laminas

La sierra americana de 25 cm de diametro permite tallar piedras grandes en trozos o laminas mas pequeños y manejables. Tiene une mesa amplia para trabajar facilmente. Tiene un motor que gira a 1740 Rpm de 1/ 3 HP. de mucha potencia para cortar piedras grandes. Si se quieren cortar laminas (slaps) es necesaria la guia opcional.

Each machine comes with:

  • Una sierra de diamante
  • Complete Instructions

Power:  220 volts

Country of origin: USA Comprar 920 euros + iva


10" Slab Saw

Our American made 10" Slab Saw is a fairly new addition to the saw line for cutting larger stones and material into more manageable pieces. The large saw table gives you plenty of room and allows some "carving" ability. The 1/3 HP motor provides plenty of strength for large cuts. The saw turns at 1740 RPM. The durable housing is polyethylene and can be emptied from a 1" plug in the side.

Each machine comes with:

  • One 10" Notched Green Sawblade
  • Complete Instructions

It is also available with a Trim Saw Vise. With this handy accessory, you can secure your stones for precision cutting.



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