Cripple Creek Colorado Turquoise : This mine is located in Teller County near the town of Cripple Creek Colorado., and has not seen much activity over the years. Colorado does not have many turquoise mines, and the few it has do not see much activity over the years. This mine produced nodules and vein material, mostly greenish. A lot of very pourus material, Also produced light and darker blue turquoise with a brown or black matrix. I understand this mine is currently being worked on a very limited level by hand. From what information I have this is mined from a tunnel, which would be why you do not see much of this material. Tunnels are not big producers of turquoise. Tunnels are a lot of very hard work with very little yield. Most of the turquoise from this area was uncovered by mining gold. Turquoise from here was a by-product of gold mining. We heard the rumor that when the road grader went over a road in the country that it would actually uncover turquoise in the street, and you could pick it up. I am not sure of this but the tailings from the gold mines were used to gravel the streets and had turquoise in the tailings. You could actually find little pieces of turquoise in the gravel, especially after a rain. I always wanted to go up there and follow up on this but the pressures of the jewelry manufacturing left me very little extra time. I have a good friend that back in the 1950's his father played ragtime piano in the old Imperial Hotel with the melodrama that was put on in the basement. He also played at the Red Rooster Lounge .Being as he was a teenager at the time and underage had some time to kill. He remembers picking up these little turquoise nuggets that were in the dirt streets all over town. From what he remembers they were a nice bright blue and would really show up well after a rain. This was his favorite time to look for them .They were about the size of his little finger in diameter. I have received several emails confirming these little pieces in the street that came from the gold mines tailings. The street department used this material in the streets. While this material was from the gold mines there was a couple of turquoise mines in this area. There is the original old mine up the hill from what is being mined today under the Bad Boys of Cripple Creek name. There is a little activity from them today. I acquired this material back in the 1970's when turquoise was very plentiful in Albuquerque.



This stone Professionally backed for strength and hand cut Size 11x16 mm 3 mm thick weight 4 cts










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