Stormy Mountain Mine Turquoise specimen Here is a nice specimen from the Stormy Mountain turquoise mine from Nevada. This state has a seemingly endless number of turquoise mines. One reason for this is that a lot of these mines were small and were mined for a few years and then abandoned or sold and then the name changed. Some of these mines had up to 6 names over the years. This can get confusing when doing old research, especially when the same name was used on different mines and locations. The Stormy Mountain mine seems to start in the 1970?s. I can?t find any information prior to then but may have been under another name that I have not come across yet. I have not personally been to visit this mine. This mine was reported to have been located near Tenabo.Nevada. The material from this mine ran from a dark blue to a green with a turquoise blue green color. It had a dark black chert intertwined in the turquoise. A lot of the cabs cut from this material show this chert. The rough turquoise is primarily a blue green seam or vein material. From my personal stash of over 30 years collecting. This mine has not been in operation for many years. I only have of a small amount of this material. This was a well known mine, with a rich history.



I have taken this picture on a graph that shows the lines at about 1/8 th of an inch apart. Which is about 3mm apart for those of you on the metric system. Weight--17 cts










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